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Week 2: Acceptance update


The bracelet works. It’s reminded me every day that my goal is to pray for those who annoy the crap out of me, who hurt my feelings, who –well, you get it.

I’ve had a week of challenges, and it’s been, what, 4 days? All I can do every day is shout at the bracelet that I am trying to pray, dammit, but I don’t want to….

…and every evening I read an update on Facebook from a couple whose daughter’s been in a terrible accident, and they’re working with her to regain basic abilities, and they end each post with 5 things they’re thankful for. Last night the Mom’s flight got delayed, so she has to work with very little sleep, and Dad is rejoicing because through some [unmentioned] grace he’s able to be with his daughter. Each step of their journey is grueling, yet each parent finds time to get on Facebook and share where the family’s at.  And I was complaining about what…?

I regularly forget my blessings!
This article on GoodLifeZen reminded me about keeping a gratitude journal, so I’m going to do that, and I’m going to wear a second bracelet just for gratitude.

Today I’m thankful because:

  • It’s Monday. A new day. A new week. Today I get to chart the week ahead.
  • I got a beautiful night’s sleep last night.
  • Yesterday my good friend, Lawna, gave me geranium essential oil (the scent makes me ridiculously happy.)
  • Lawna is also going to make a special essential oil blend (an aphrodisiac!) for my wedding to share as favors.
  • My fiance is collecting Veggie Tales videos for me. Those stories and characters delight the little kid in me, and this in turn delights Tom. I think that’s sweet and wonderful.