These are some of the genealogy links which I’ve accumulated over years of research.

One tool I’ve found surprisingly useful is Google’s book search.  I suggest typing in the name of your ancestor, or the town + genealogy, and see what comes up.  I found several ancestors that had previously stumped me.  I also found a treasure trove of old documents from the New England area.  For example, check out this Charter of the colony of Connecticut 1662, and this 1799 business directory of Hartford, CT.

And this Revolutionary War chart may help you ferret out your ancestors.

Find out about the “Defective, Dependent and Delinquent Classes” Census Schedule

New York State Census Mortality Schedules
Searchable Mortality Schedules NY
NY GenWeb Published Directories, Histories and Biographies
Northern New York Historical Newspapers
NY History and Genealogy, Franklin County, Links
Sources for Pre-1850 Vitals for St. Lawrence County, NY
Books We Own on New York–Lookups
Birth, Death, Marriage & Divorce Records
New York State Digital Collections
New York State Historical Association
Franklin County Historical and Museum Society-Franklin County, New York
Excelsior: New York State Library/Archives/Museum Catalog
New York State Archives-Civil War
New York GenNet Searchable Database

links for archival repositories in New York State


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