I’m a licensed firearms instructor, and I have a separate blog with info about firearms and women-only classes, among other things.  I don’t get into the politics because it’s a waste of energy. I occasionally post info about bills, but for the most part, it’s all nope. My passion is for empowering women and sharing what I’ve learned about firearms and shooting.
Author consultations, one-on-one, on firearms: $75. We can meet in person or on Zoom.
I accept payment for consultations here:

I urge women to become familiar with firearms and how they work and feel because the terror is often used as a weapon itself.
This young lady will not be cowed by anyone with a gun:

I’ll be bringing the other blog’s info over to this blog so everything’s under one roof, but that’ll be some time down the road.
In the meantime, here’s a link to the blog:  GunShop Goddess

As a service to our community, I teach two or three women-only classes per year under the auspices of the Imperial Valley Rifle and Pistol Club for $25 per person.

I travel to teach as well, but I don’t bring a posse of helpers with me, so I teach small groups only (12 max), and my personal fees will include travel expenses. I supply firearms, targets, and eye and ear protection. You supply ammunition (usually 2 boxes per caliber) and a room for the class. Contact me for more info: sbodus at

Group Fee: $50/hr for every two people plus travel expenses;  I will suss out a nearby range if necessary.  Most private classes last 2 hours, and most women choose to shoot two calibers.  (.22LR, and 9mm, .40S&W, or 38spl)

The bigger the group, the longer the class will take, logistically speaking. Experience has taught me that 2 hours is enough for a maximum of 6 people. This allows me to work with each person individually and answer questions without rushing.
So for more than 6 people, the fees are set for 3 hours plus travel expenses.

I always start with .22LR, and I use a Walther P22 for my private classes. (In the classes taught for IVRPA we use Ruger .22s.)
If you have a pistol you’d like to learn to shoot, you may bring it and I’ll teach you with that after the P22. I will also show you how to clean your gun, and will briefly discuss firearms law. I take the time to answer all questions, and if I don’t know something, I will find the answer.

I am also available to go with you to a gun store if you want to purchase your first gun. I understand that buying your first gun can feel somewhat daunting, and since I spent years managing a gun shop, I am confident I can help you find the firearm that you’ll be most comfortable with. If you’re in the Imperial Valley, I will do it for free.

Here’s why I do it for free:

Years ago, when I was managing The Gun Shop, I flew back east to the Camfour dealer show.  Camfour ferried me and some other dealers from the airport to the show, and on the way, we talked business, of course, and there was a general consensus that these dealers didn’t relish selling guns to women.  I asked one of them why, and he said, “Because they take too long. Ask too many questions.”

Not everyone is like this.
But enough.
So I came home from the show and started my GunShopGoddess blog and have made it my mission ever since to teach women how to shoot. I think we’re conditioned to rear back from firearms, and it’s reinforced when guys take us out shooting and give us hand-cannons to start with.

I work with and respect male firearms instructors who are patient and wise and have the same vision I do for this cause. I offer to go with women because my presence tempers any urge salespeople may have to be patronizing.  It’s usually subtle; here’s a recent example:

A student called me to ask about what ammo to get. She said the guy behind the counter asked her if it was for a revolver or a semi-auto, even though she told him .40 S&W full metal jacket. This is classic assaholic behavior that masquerades as helpfulness. If you ask for .40 Smith & Wesson, it is generally understood that you are shooting a semi-automatic pistol, and a genuinely helpful person would only ask two things: what grain, and FMJ or HP (full metal jacket or hollow point.)

There is only one revolver that I know of that shoots .40 S&W (Charter Arms Pitbull) and it is not even on the California list of approved  firearms. It hasn’t been out for more than a few years. Someone could have one, of course, but chances are not great enough to merit such a question without an explanation.  * See below

So I guess you could say that I’m educating men, too.
(Yes, I’ve taught men. I used to teach firearms classes to and qualify security guards, the majority of whom were male.)

If you’d like me to travel to you to teach you or to speak at your writer’s group, email me at sbodus at

  • Explanation: Revolver ammunition has a rim that holds it in the cylinder. Semi-auto ammunition has no rim so it wouldn’t stay in the cylinder. The .40 Pitbull is specifically designed for that cartridge. Most revolvers would require what are called moon clips to keep the cartridges in place.  This is information a beginning shooter should not be expected to know. Heck, not even many seasoned shooters may know just because it’s specialized information. But it is possible that a person may be shooting this firearm. Any reasonable salesperson should know this and would explain the question if it were legitimate.