My Quilting

I discovered the joy of quilting the summer of 2015 and I’ve got a conglomeration of info that I want to keep in one place. On a blog with teaching, writing, guns, and art, heck. Why not? You can find more quilting tutorials here here: Quilting tutorials.
Below I’ve posted photos of some quilts I’ve made.

Superhero quilt. Donated to Kiwanis Early Risers in summer of 2019 for fundraiser.
Design by Julie Paschkis. Paisley Cats.
My first free-motion quilt. Made for my beloved Aunt Nancy, who loves calico cats.
The design is by Julie Paschkis.
Detail of Paisley Cats quilt.
Dinah: The Hindering Helper. Sitting on the quilt I made for my husband. St. Louis Cardinals on one side and superheros on the other.
Free-motion honeybee baby quilt. 2019
Front of honeybee quilt
Dinosaur quilt for Lincoln. 2018
Baby quilt for Alyssa Middleton. 2017
Mickey Mouse baby quilt for neighbor. 2017
Baby quilt for Karina Wong. 2017 First time doing applique!
Quilt for niece and nephew. 2019. Before binding.
Current project. Not quilted yet. For a student who won the semester drawing. Stephanie! 2020.

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