Info on search for Jake.

This page is a work in progress. As of 9 May 2024 Jake has not been found.

He has been missing since May 1, 2016.

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Steps I have taken in searching for my son:

My son is missing

    • 5/6/2016~Missing report filed ECPD 14103
    • 5/7 ~Checked Jake’s house. No one there. Left note on door. Talked to next door neighbor. No sign of Jake for a week.
    • 5/7 ~ Checked Denny’s restaurant, asked about footage, kind mgr promised to pass on my message.
    • 5/8~Mother’s Day. Checked again with Denny’s. Could not find him on footage. Requested they look again with broader time frame.
    • 5/9~Contact with National Guard.*
    • 5/9~Neighbors talked to on Jake’s street. No sight of Jake after 4/30, possibly May 1.
    • 5/9~Spoke with management at Calexico Denny’s. Footage revealed Jake met no one, and he left alone minutes after I dropped him off.
    • 5/9~Went to Univision with details. Jake was on 6pm news.
    • 5/10~Spoke with Calexico PD; officer copied flyers and put them in officers’ boxes.
    • 5/10~Shared info with SDSU-IV
    • 5/10~Description of Jake reported to Despacho de Emergencias in Mexicali. (Guardian Angel friend did it for me. 2100 horas con el Agente #11. May God bless him for his kindness.)
    • 5/11~Went to file missing person report with Mexicali PD (Guardian Angel friend is translating everything to Spanish for me! She and her husband are also taking me to Mexicali to do the report. Seriously. Above and beyond.) 
    • 5/11~At Ministerio Publico -Alejandro explained that since Jake is not known to have disappeared in Mexicali, they cannot open a report, but we can request that info be shared with them. He also suggested we share with SD, too.
    • 5/11~Shared info with CBP via email; no response as of 5/13.
    • 5/11~Visited Mexicali morgue–Semefo–no one matching Jake’s description there. Kind woman will personally call me if someone comes in matching his description.
    • 5/11~Visited Hospital General in Mexicali and shared translated info packet with Emergency desk and main office. Jake’s not there.
    • 5/11~Contacted Casa de Paco. Jake’s not there.
    • 5/12~ Checked Christ Community and New Creations Men’s Home. No sign of Jake.
    • 5/12~Left notice at State Street Coffee House, one of Jake’s regular haunts.
    • 5/12~Visited Hems Mortuary; has not been seen there.
    • 5/12~ Visited BLM and left flyer with his picture. Asked for it to be distributed.
    • 5/12~Passed the news on to Kiwanis El Centro Early Risers
    • 5/12~Spoke with therapist through EAP.
    • 5/13~Spoke with neighbor. Still no Jake. All on look-out. 
    • 5/13~Had the news announced at Kiwanis El Centro Noon Club.
    • 5/13~Received kind letter from IV Press Editor . The IV Press posted Jake’s picture on their page. Notice will be in Sunday’s paper. Above and beyond.
    • 5/13~Called T-Mobile. Many restrictions regarding recovery of account. I cannot pay his bill over the phone, and cannot get last location. I don’t know the answer to all of his security questions, and don’t know his pw so I can’t access FindMyPhone app. Am trying one more thing; will update with result when I get it done. Customer service reps were warm and kind; made me want to switch carriers. 5/14 UPDATE: Was able to access phone bill online but can’t pay all. Will do so as soon as I can.
    • 5/13~Appointment with therapist for me to help me maintain sanity. Update: He reminded me that I must focus on what I can control.
    • 5/15 ~Checked around abandoned building across from Calexico Denny’s. Everything is tightly boarded up, so doubtful he would be in there. Two abandoned buildings nearby seem more likely, but they’re fenced in. Checked ditches along 111 on the way back home. No sign anywhere.
    • 5/15~Checked Calexico cemetery and Evergreen cemetery. Checked ditches on west side of Evergreen cemetery. No sign.
    • 5/16~Flyers printed. Spread powder on porch steps in hopes Jake would leave footprints.
    • 5/16~Paid the rest of Jake’s phone bill. Have access to some numbers but not all. Shared into with ECPD investigator.
    • 5/16~Former student called and said she got the info into the hands of a police officer in Mexicali and he will pass it on to other officers there. God bless her.
    • 5/16~Went to Behavioral Health. Very reassuring, although they have not seen Jake. Dropped off a flyer.
    • 5/16~Friend will share flyers with IID zanjeros. 
    • 5/17~Met with investigator who is handling Jake’s case. Deep thanks to the person who made this possible. Investigator went to Calexico and spoke with people there, and called me with his update and some additional questions. I am so thankful.
    • 5/17~Went to SDSU and left flyers in the box on my door for people who’ve requested them.
    • 5/17~Spoke with the neighbors again. No sign of Jake still. Sniffed around the edges of the doors and windows but could discern no bad odors.
    • 5/17~Finally got a FB msg from the owner of the house. I believe she has not heard from Jake.
    • 5/17~Friend will share flyers with Mexico State Police.
    • 5/18~Interviewed by Telemundo reporter. Am seeking Jake’s friends now for interviews.
    • 5/18~Gave Rita’s Philippines ph# to investigator so he can gain permission to do a welfare check.
    • 5/20~Telemundo clip about Jake aired.
    • 5/20~Gave info to National Veteran Search and Recovery organization.
    • 5/21~Filed Jake in the missing person database.
    • 5/21~Flyers distributed in Imperial by Luis Loera.
    • 5/21~Frances from Golden Corral called me about Circle K. I am not surprised that she is being proactive about this. She is that kind of person.
    • 5/22~More flyers to be distributed by Dalia Escutia in EC.
    • 5/24~Gave flyers to friend in SD to take to PD.
    • 5/27~Gave flyers to friend who will get them to Imperial & Brawley PD and ICSO; is giving flyers to a friend to take to Yuma. Blessings on both of them.
    • August 2016~Jake’s Facebook friends list is no longer visible. What this means can only be speculated but I am hopeful.
    • October 2016~Guardian Searchlight contacted me for details about Jake’s disappearance.
    • Note regarding hospitals: I was informed that hospitals automatically check missing person databases. I will be getting flyers printed up Monday, and will double check this info within at least two of the hospitals.
    • Close friend has people in Mexico who will put feet on the street in places I can’t get to. (Thank you.)
    • DNA swab done in July.
      A special agency has boots on the ground looking for Jake. They’ve contacted me two or three times over last few months, but have found no new information.
    • 1/22/17 ~Emailed two regional managers about bodies that were found, one in Utah, the other in Yakima, Washington. Will update when I learn more.
    • 1/23/17 ~Utah got back to me for more information about dentist. Her DNA info has not come back yet. I gave what I knew.
    • January 2017~Guardian Searchlight contacted me again with an update and request for info.
    • April 2017~VetSAR Director of Ops Jeff Green met with me to gather information.
    • Neither regional manager has contacted me again. No news, in this case, is good news.
    • April 2017~found where Jake’s dental records are.
    • May 2017~contacted both NamUs and ECPD to find out where they were in case. Detective emailed records to NamUs last week, but file images may not be clear enough. They’re working to resolve this. UPDATE 5/11/17: Dental records are uploaded.
    • 11/21/17~suicide note discovered
    • 1/26/18~a friend is helping with this case. No further details about this out of respect for his privacy, but letting others know that the case is not dead.

These are some of the sites I found useful in searching for my son: