RWS 200 Writing Project: Border Voices

Google translate: Paste in your essay a little at a time and listen for errors
English Grammar – How to learn tenses – ALL tenses
Learn English with James

How to write an effective essay: The Introduction

Ending the essay: Conclusions

Helping Verbs song

Writing a killer conclusion

Simile and Metaphor examples (video)

Resources regarding specific texts I have used in my classes.

Man’s Search for Meaning


All God’s Children
ARTICLE: Two Theories on Criminal Violence  in All God’s Children

Little Brother


The Handmaid’s Tale
ebook: The Cambridge Companion to Margaret Atwood
ARTICLE: Does The Handmaid’s Tale Still Hold Up?

Disposable People

Runaway Girl
   Carissa Phelps’ website
ARTICLE: From Juvie to J.D. The Story of a ‘Runaway Girl’

Writing Tools