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Best Year Ever. Still.

Nothing like committing to do something in public to make you see your own flaws. My best year isn’t done, and it’s still the best I’ve ever lived, and I’ve been busy living it. Eh, but I’ve been busy procrastinating about all sorts of things. Like posting here. Seems as soon as I give myself… Read More Best Year Ever. Still.

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Extraordinary challenges = extraordinary gifts

From Notes from the Universe: “If you understood the extraordinary gifts that every single challenge in your life makes possible, even inevitable, you’d celebrate your challenges, new and old alike, as the omens that they are of new beginnings and spectacular change.” and “Raise your sights and broaden your steps. Because doing one without the… Read More Extraordinary challenges = extraordinary gifts

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Uncertainty and Inspiration

From Notes from the Universe: At any point in one’s life, the greater the uncertainties they face, the greater their chances of hitting a major, life-changing “home run.” I am learning how to embrace uncertainty, but I’ve had to approach this concept in baby steps. I tend to prefer the known, but not for a… Read More Uncertainty and Inspiration

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Things security officers may think of asking, but shouldn’t:

  Do you have any sandwiches in your pocket? This can be construed as inflammatory and invasive, and it is baffling to the hearer.  It is easy to ask this question on your 13th hour on your feet, but you must refrain. Are you carrying any weapons of mass destruction? Again, this is a baffling… Read More Things security officers may think of asking, but shouldn’t:

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A Talent for Insatiability

I’m re-reading Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, this time with a close eye on her use of language. Today I’m obsessing over this: “We yearned for the future. How did we learn it, that talent for insatiability?” (3-4) I get the insatiability. In fact, the statement reminds me of John Twelve Hawks’ The Traveler, in which… Read More A Talent for Insatiability