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  Note: Shrinkage is not gender-specific, and it’s not limited to body size. Anyone who has ever tried to take up as little space as possible with his belongings, for example, knows this shrinkage problem. Anyone who has shrunken her personality to suit the comfort of others.  Each smothered laugh shrinks the space she takes… Read More Shrinkage

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A Gracious Plenty, by Sheri Reynolds –book review

Finch Nobles, who as a child was badly burned in a kitchen accident–“widowed by her own skin” (13)–has elected a living death rather than face the rejection of others. She has lived with death all her life, after all–her father was caretaker for the town cemetery–and when he died, she took over.  She lives alone… Read More A Gracious Plenty, by Sheri Reynolds –book review

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Wrestling with the story

For the past few years I’ve struggled with what I –and others–have perceived to be a gaping hole in my memoir.  Today I realized that the gaping hole is actually the end of that part of my story; I think I need to focus on excavating what I already have and delete what comes after.… Read More Wrestling with the story


Romance Authors’ Pseudonyms: Did you know…?

Many of today’s hottest romance and romantic suspense authors wrote for Harlequin, Silhouette, Kismet, Candlelight, Gallen, McFadden, and Loveswept, among others. However, they didn’t all use the names they’re currently writing under. NOTE: Many of the links are to used books; they will likely expire because these are collectible. Many of the links are to… Read More Romance Authors’ Pseudonyms: Did you know…?