Note: Shrinkage is not gender-specific, and it’s not limited to body size.

Anyone who has ever tried to take up as little space as possible with his belongings, for example, knows this shrinkage problem.

Anyone who has shrunken her personality to suit the comfort of others.  Each smothered laugh shrinks the space she takes up. Every careful step lessens her sound wave ripples.

Heck, I wonder if hoarding is both defiantly taking up space while crushing the person smaller to minimize the space s/he takes up….

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  1. laurie says:

    wow–great post. the reading was awesome. just opened it as i was thinking of my own space. it’s never enough. i want to change that. ironically, never enough turns into too much, which goes back to nothing. example: you have so many scarves you can’t cull through them and find the one you need or want to wear on a particular day, so you obsess, waste time and energy searching through a drawer full of mostly unworn scarves, then end up wearing no scarf. Too much becomes not enough.

    Ty for a great post!!

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