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“Perfection” infection

The disease called “Perfection”.

How to make a difference in any job

Check out how Johnny–a bagger at a grocery store–made customers want to shop every day.

But Old Spice still reminds me of Daddy


Yeah, OS Guy is cute, but….

Maybe it’s just my generation.
Maybe all those born after the 80s don’t have any father-associations with Old Spice.

Actually, his appeal–for me–is how hilariously vain his character is. I don’t want my guy wearing Old Spice (Sorry, OS) and I don’t want him acting like OS Guy, but I’m hooked on the commercial.


Kitty Cat Patty Cake

Came across this here: The Ancient Gaming Noob

Had to share it. Made me laugh till my sides ached.


TSA, enhancement ought to mean ENHANCEMENT

Perhaps if zooming in magnified matters the guy wouldn’t have unloaded his baton on his co-workers? Either way, the invasion is troubling.

That Darren Criss

I love seeing Hollywood execs get surprised, but what really makes my heart leap for joy is when the message of love triumphs over ignorance.  Criss has vaulted to stardom and yet the writers aren’t sure how people will react to his character being Kurt’s boyfriend.  That’s just nuts.  His rendition of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” sold 55 thousand downloads the day it was released–and all they can say is that he’ll be made a regular?  Ya think!?

all that is good in the world

I had the most amazing encounter with four little cherubs. They were siblings, and one of them, an 8-year-old little girl named Jacqueline, was selling Brown Bag cookies. I was on the phone in my car at a friend’s office, talking to my boss, when these four little happy, hopeful faces appeared at my window.

I got out of the car and got down on my haunches so we were all at eye level, and asked the little girl about her fundraiser.

“We’ll get to go on a field trip,” she said, “either the zoo, or something else. Teacher hasn’t decided yet.”

I noticed that her list of orders was empty, so I asked, “Do you have a grown-up to drive you around to sell?”

“We are selling around here”–indicating the small trailer park–“and down the street at those apartments.”

Her little brother piped, “We went around to alllllll these houses, but everybody said ‘not now.'”

There was not an ounce of hangdog among them. I might have been the first person they approached, they were that wiggly and hopeful.

I bought three orders of cookies and made a donation–and the littlest, a five-year-old, I think–clapped his hand on his mouth and he danced a little. He let out a big breath and said, “We get to go on the field trip!”

I was so moved that I got to witness this incredible sweetness–only one little girl was selling, but her brothers and sisters helped with the same enthusiasm as though they themselves were going.

I told them where I lived, and said I would always buy from them if they came to my house.
Little Jacqueline thanked me, then said, “You don’t have to buy anything if you don’t have any money.”

the whole encounter was –it was like getting a glimpse of heaven.
There was a brightness around these children that made me feel like I had been in the presence of all that is good in the universe.

I want my heaven to be populated with children like these.

I haven’t done it justice.

What teachers make

How to make a balloon animal

One of my students demonstrated this for us in Children’s Lit, and we all found it so delightful that I asked him to make a quick video that I could post on my blog.   He did a lesson on giraffes that you can see  in the comments section of my Children’s Lit tab. (at the top of the page)

Thanks, Michael!

Origin of key cosmic explosions unraveled – Yahoo! News

Origin of key cosmic explosions unraveled – Yahoo! News.

One more clue toward understanding dark energy.