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5-year-old boy’s costume causes uproar with Christian moms

If this little boy had shown up as, say, the Joker, that would not have raised the same bristly response as his Daphne costume did.  What is it about embracing the feminine that sets Christians on edge?  My sons played in my make-up and jewelry when they were five, and they clunked around in my high heels, as well, and if either one had wanted to go to a Halloween party dressed in drag, I’d’ve been delighted .

Robin Williams–Mrs. Doubtfire.   Dustin Hoffman–Tootsie.

So, what, only grown men are allowed to play dress-up?

No one would have even blinked if a girl showed up as Fred from Scooby-Doo. Or Indiana Jones, or Bart Simpson, or Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow.

Why is that?

Here’s what I wonder:  if parents squash-squashsquash any trace of the feminine out of  boys, any possible acceptance of that yin side, what does this say about how our society values the feminine? What does this teach our boys about womanhood in general?

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