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Info from Harlequin here:

Author Shawntelle Madison’s GMC Wizard based on Debra Dixon’s book, GMC

Publetariat is an online aggregator of articles related to writing and the publishing business, geared specifically to the interests and needs of indie authors and small publishers.

Romance Divas

Romance Junkies Blog

CritPartnerMatch {this is a brilliant idea in its fledgling stages. Get a critique partner here}

Stephie Smith’s Contest Chart for Writers

Passionate Pen’s List of Literary Agents

Passionate Pen’s List of Romance Publishers

AgentQuery-Searchable database of literary agents

AgentQuery’s interactive social networking community for the publishing industry

Editors and Preditors {check the reputation of  agents}


Charlotte Dillon’s Character Chart

Another character chart -different format

Character Motivation-by Alicia Rasley {this helped me distinguish between external and internal motivation}

A Look at the Eight Hero Archetypes

Writing the Effective Villain-by Ruth D. Kerce

16 Villain Archetypes

How to Create a Character-by Holly Lisle

Character-building workshop


Yellow Rose Romance Writers

Alternative reality Romance Authors Network

Romance writers and readers community


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