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Note: Shrinkage is not gender-specific, and it’s not limited to body size.

Anyone who has ever tried to take up as little space as possible with his belongings, for example, knows this shrinkage problem.

Anyone who has shrunken her personality to suit the comfort of others.  Each smothered laugh shrinks the space she takes up. Every careful step lessens her sound wave ripples.

Heck, I wonder if hoarding is both defiantly taking up space while crushing the person smaller to minimize the space s/he takes up….

A Day in the Life of a Writer: What Makes a Good Story?

A beginning, a middle, and an end.

Yeah, thanks.
Knew that, right?

Check out this TED talk from Karen Thompson Walker, and consider using your own fears to write well-developed stories.  Those fears ARE stories, after all, complete with characters and horrible things happening and an aftermath.  Don’t we create stories all the time?

Pema Chödrön states, “Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth.” Of course we must use our fears…. That’s where the truth is.


Video: Mel Robbins–How to stop screwing yourself over (TEDxSF)

Want to change your life?
Watch this video:

Remember: if you’re in your head, you’re behind enemy lines.
And remember the 5-second rule.

Sundance–vote for Una Hora Por Favor by Jill Soloway

There are a number of good films on the Sundance site; I’m asking that you vote for Una Hora Por Favor. The writer is the daughter of a friend, and her splendid piece is so far back in the listings that I think it’s not getting a fair shake.  FYI, Jill Soloway was one of the writers for the show, Six Feet Under.

Check it out, then click on the link on the side that says, “Vote below for this film.”

Una Hora Por Favor

EDIT:  The link above is broken.  Go to the film’s Facebook page for current info.

Here’s an interview with the director about the making of the film.

Check out this cooking site:

These are StumbleFriends I’ve known for a few years, and their simple recipes are geared toward those who don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. (Got kids in college? Or who’ve just moved out and are living on top ramen, or showing up on your doorstep at dinner time? Send ’em here!)
I submitted a recipe for a quick chicken enchilada casserole dish, and they posted it! (It’s really yummy. Check it out.)


You can submit your easy recipes here.

Here’s a quick intro to who they are:

And here is an amazing Taco Soup recipe:

One Girl Riot promo video featuring Arturo Aguilar and Josh Furrer

My boys made this video for me.

The creators are here: IV Films

How to make a difference in any job

Check out how Johnny–a bagger at a grocery store–made customers want to shop every day.

But Old Spice still reminds me of Daddy


Yeah, OS Guy is cute, but….

Maybe it’s just my generation.
Maybe all those born after the 80s don’t have any father-associations with Old Spice.

Actually, his appeal–for me–is how hilariously vain his character is. I don’t want my guy wearing Old Spice (Sorry, OS) and I don’t want him acting like OS Guy, but I’m hooked on the commercial.


Kitty Cat Patty Cake

Came across this here: The Ancient Gaming Noob

Had to share it. Made me laugh till my sides ached.


TSA, enhancement ought to mean ENHANCEMENT

Perhaps if zooming in magnified matters the guy wouldn’t have unloaded his baton on his co-workers? Either way, the invasion is troubling.