The Book of Noticing: You Matter.

Last semester was the first time I showed Angela Maiers’ video You Matter to my students. I had them write a reflection on it, and we briefly discussed it, but it wasn’t till this semester that I tasked students with activating the ideas Angela spoke of. (It was a V8 moment. Kuh! Be the change, Stacy! lol)

I went to the Dollar Tree and bought a bunch of small notebooks and handed them out to my Thursday night class last week, and I assigned it as a month-long project. (Tomorrow my Monday class gets the assignment.) To get credit, they have to notice something every day until the due date.  I do not require more than this because I believe they will go above and beyond.

I’ve assigned this because these students are going to influence the next generation of children. Because they need to know what they say and do matters.  And because they matter to me.

I know if they practice noticing, this will have a ripple effect on everyone, including themselves. And I want them to practice noticing so they’ll be fluent when they have their own classrooms.

I’ve got a notebook, too.  I’ve written on the cover, “Mrs. Bodus’ Book of Noticing.” I carry it with me everywhere now.

Things I’ve written down that I previously would’ve dismissed:
-a young boy held the door for me and my husband at church today.
-Emily in the coffee shop looked me in the eye and asked me how I was and really wanted to know.
-Gaynell asked me how my writing was coming because she’d been praying for me. (This rocked my world, it was so awesome.)
-a waiter was attentive and kind to my Nana, and people waited patiently for us to walk through the doors on our way out.
-my husband bought a book for me by one of my favorite authors.
-Patty Ojeda made a bunch of goodie bags for the women on her 5K team; she had a whole tent set up for us with fruit and muffins and water.

I walk in this garden every day. From now on I’ll pay attention to the flowers.

I don’t know yet how this project will evolve, but I’m looking forward to exploring the possibilities with my students. They are geniuses. I expect to be amazed and delighted.

The language of mattering


*My son, yes, he is still missing. I know people are concerned.
I don’t have any new news to share. And I don’t know how to seamlessly include that information.



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  1. Jeannie Hargis says:

    Stacy, I love this idea and plan to make my own notebook! Also, I love your writings – you are so gifted and you challenge me to think more deeply about my life and responsibilities so that my actions have purpose. Praying for you and Jake. Don’t know how you keep going each day not knowing where he is but the evidence that you do keep pressing on makes me love you all the more. Can’t really understand why God is not seeming to do anything but I know He is understanding your pain and your courage and loves you so much. Sent Jill Miles your story and some of your writing and she was amazed at your skills and has committed to pray for you, Jake, and your husband. Her prayer life is powerful. Keep your eyes on Him who knows all and has a plan to use all your suffering for your future glory if you trust Him. Jeannie

    • Stacy says:

      How delightful!
      I’m glad you’re making your own notebook.

      Thank you for continuing to pray for us, and for passing our concerns on for more prayers.

      • Jeannie says:

        Thank you for your email. Just wish I could do more. Several years ago I lost track of Matthew, my younger son, for just three weeks. I felt like I would go mad until I found him. It was the worst time of my life, so don’t know how you have survived 6 months! I will be praying for you until you know what has happened to him, that God will sustain you and bring him home soon.

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