And if the Tea Partiers were Women….

If Tea Party Was Black

Tim Wise raises important questions –if the Tea Party was comprised of people who weren’t white–what would the reaction be?

But I don’t think he goes far enough with this:  “And this, my friends, is what white privilege is all about.” (Last paragraph in the blog article.)

This is what white male privilege is all about.

Imagine what the response would be if the Tea Party was made up of strictly women.  Would people be concerned? Would they be afraid? Hundreds of women armed to the teeth.  Imagine it.   Marching in support of the Second Amendment, declaring the need for political change–would they be regarded as a danger? Why–or why not?

Answers will reveal a lot about how people view women.

One Commentto And if the Tea Partiers were Women….

  1. nancy lejeune says:

    in my almost sixty seven years, women have ALWAYS been touted as dangerous and cause of downfall of men. what makes anyone think that attitudes are any different?

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