College Writing

Ethos, Pathos, Logos: 3 Pillars of Public Speaking (these tips are useful for writing, too)
Literary Terms-G (navigate from here to find other literary terms. This one’s in the middle.)
Critical Thinking>>Elements of Argument

Plagiarism: What It Is and How to Recognize and Avoid It (Indiana University)
5 Ways of Looking at a Thesis by Erik Simpson
Constructing a thesis (Dartmouth University Written by Karen Gocsik )
Thesis Creator by John McGarvey
What is a Thesis? (This has some helpful questions)
Most Commonly Occurring Grammatical Errors in Students’ Papers
Lynch’s Guide to Grammar and Style (searchable)
Getting an ‘A’ on an English Paper, by Jack Lynch
Argument:  C.R.O.W. (The Writing Center at Clarion University of California)
The Arguable Thesis
(David Holper, College of the Redwoods English Dept.)
Fallacies (Copyright 1995 Michael C. Labossiere)
Online Writing Assistant
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Online English Grammar Guide
Dave’s ESL Cafe
Quoting Passages Using MLA Style
Interactive Quizzes
Why Should I Take This Author Seriously? (Evaluating your sources)
Developing a Thesis (Harvard)
How to Write a Thesis Statement (Indiana University)
How to Use Evidence (Indiana University)
MLA Guidelines
A fun link about the history of English
Building Arguments

Formulating a controversial definition
Challenge a Definition
Determine whether something fits an existing definition
Ways to organize an argument that includes consideration of opposing positions
Argument by Definition
Constructing a Logical Argument
Definition Essay (Step-by-Step)

Remember to include in your writing:

  • consideration of at least one alternative view
  • effective incorporation of your required sources
  • specific examples
  • details
  • dialogue from interviews if applicable

When developing your argument, ask yourself:

  • What information is most important to this argument?
  • What might be left out?
  • What do I think about this subject? Do I care? (If you don’t, why should your reader?)
  • How did I come to that conclusion?
  • How can I support my opinion with quotes from the text?

Remember to:

  • Take a stand
  • know your subject
  • make an arguable point
  • provide proof
  • decide what your main points are
  • demonstrate that you understand there are opposing opinions–include them and refute them
  • define terms that may be unfamiliar to the reader

Don’t get stuck in the 5 paragraph  format you learned in high school. This is useful as a guide, but focusing on that structure will box your brain in.  And yes, I know I repeated myself on a couple of points. 😛


16 thoughts on “College Writing

  1. 1. This link, Five Ways of Looking At a Thesis, is one that i liked because it seems to be interesting and i know it will help me out in the future.

    2. Dave’s ESL Cafe, is the link that i believe will not help me. Even though it looks interesting, i believe this link is more for future teachers.

    3. To Mrs. Champion, i hope the operation went well and that you have a fast recovery!!!

    • 1.) It was hard to choose a favorite, but between How To Write a Thesis Statement from Indiana University and Getting an A on an English paper, I’d have to choose the link of Getting an A on an English Paper. This link breaks down all the components of writing an English paper. This page was very interactive and gave many examples.

      2.) The link I choose that least helped me was the ESL Information. Since English was my first language it’s hardly of a benefit for me, but I can see how this could help other students who do have troubles with the English language.

      3.) To Dr. Champion! I hope you’re doing amazing! Can’t wait to see you back on campus.

  2. the ONLINE ENGLISH GRAMMAR GUIDE link is the one I found most helpful. It is very organized so it makes it easier to find what you are looking for. It also gives you quizzes so you can test yourself before and ofter researching a topic.
    The link I found least helpful was CONSTRUCTING A THESIS. Even though constructing a thesis it is very important, this is not my main challenge when I need to write my papers. I do not see myself going back to that link after reading it once. I would be using the other links more frequently to answer my own questions.
    My goal at the end of this class, it is to be able to grasp certain areas of writing that have been very challenging for me to do. I just want you to know that besides how exigent I heard you are, I also heard you are the one professor that can help me achieve my goal. Although Im looking foward to your fast recovery and you coming back to teach again, I want to thank you for choosing Stacy. Her knowledge and caring personality made me feel secure and in good hands again.
    Get well soon.

  3. The Link that I find most helpfull is (believe it or not) the one called ” Making an Argument” because it teaches step by step on how to write an essay. Even though knowing myself and my writing skills, I will have to say every link is helpfull. On the other hand, The one I found least helpfull is the one called, ” Argument C.R.O.W.” becuause for some reason my computer could not read it; how will it be helpfull if I can’t use it. Right?…haha.

  4. 1. The link I found the most helpful was 5 Ways of Looking at a Thesis Statement because I have trouble going the extra mile to create a non-generic thesis statement.

    2. The link I found the least helpful was Getting an ‘A’ on an English Paper. The contents of this page were obvious to say the least.

    3. Dr. Champion,
    I hope your surgery and recovery time go well. Enjoy your time off of work.

  5. The link that I found most helpful is “Making an Argument” it is well organized and easy to understand.

    The link that I found least helpful was “Dave’s ESL Cafe” this link took me a lot more time to figure out.

  6. *I found the link Guide to Grammar and Writting very useful and fun to use. There is a lot of reading to do but I like the way they put pictures about brainstorming and other stuff it gives you a clear picture.

    * I would say that Dave’s ESL Cafe would be the link that I would use the least, but I believe It will be verry helpful in the future going towards my credential.

  7. Getting an A on a paper was the most helpful link for me. I like the guide it gives you to write a good paper.

    The “Daves ESL Cafe” link was the least helpful because it s a little complicated to understand.

  8. The most helpful link for me was “Argument:C.R.O.W,” because help to understand more about an argument essay.
    The least helpful link is “5 Ways of Looking at a Thesis by Erick Simpson,” because it was hard to understand for me. It is a little bit confuse to me.

    Dr. Champion
    Got well soon and enjoy your free time 😀

  9. For me the most helpful link is the Thesis Generator, I always have a hard time figuring out what is my thesis or if I have a thesis.

    My least helpful link was the plagiarism link. I believe you should be able to distinguish what are your ideas and what are the ideas that belong to someone else.

    Dr. Champion:
    Get well soon. Hope all is well and that you are enjoying your time away from work. See you soon.

  10. the most helpful was link Guide to Grammar and Writing, online writing lab at Purdue.

    the least was getting an A and ESL cafe..

    To Dr Champion
    Get well soon Dr Champion, and don’t listen to dose guys in the office. Go Teamsters and Local union 542..

  11. On the thesis generation, the question stems really helped me to create my thesis statement. some of the questions listed in there will help me to formulate my essay.

  12. 1)The link that I consider that would turn out being the most useful for me in this course would be the Online English Grammar Guide since I can specifically work on the areas I need the most help, which are plenty since grammar is one of my weakest point in writtiong.
    2)The link I consider that would turn out being the least useful to me in this course would be the Plagiarism:What it is and how to recognize and avoid it since as of today i consider that i have a preatty clear idea on what plagiarism is.
    3)Dr. Champion I hope you recover soon, so you could join us in class.

  13. sweet! Thanks for taking the time to let me know you could use these resources—I was just thinking yesterday that I might take the page down. :/

    long live the page!

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